Just trying to figure out how to do something significant.
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    sounds like a boring ass show

    I’d rather watch that, than 16 and pregnant.

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  • Selfies Part X

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    Titanic conspiracy exposed


    Head canon: Accepted


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    The Blue Kraken 



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    When will my husband return from the war?

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    Songs like this are important. They capture the most powerful moments of our lives. The moments we feel infinite. This blog is a dedication to those moments. If you’d like to share your moments and the songs that came with them. The inbox is open.

    NΣΣT’s Soundcloud

    Some commentary from NΣΣT on the making of Alice

    Similar to the curiosity that led Alice down the rabbit hole, we live on this planet with a sense of wonder. It’s this strange, uncomfortable feeling that allows us to invent ourselves for the future. Everything we do and everything we do not do brings us closer to seeing through the glass door that is tomorrow.

    I wonder what will happen if I did this? I wonder what she’ll say if I asked her this? I wonder when this will happen? Before every decision there is a question we ask ourselves. Before every decision, theres a little voice who tells us otherwise. My advice would be to do what feels right…or so I’ve been told.

    Creating this piece was extremely exhausting. It’s difficult to not go into detail but long story short, we did a lot of things we wouldn’t normally do. It was like asking a painter to bake a cake without a recipe. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and the cowardice dwelling in our gut constantly shut us down. But we knew that this was something that had to be done and miraculously we managed to complete this… thing.

    “Thing” because I can’t really call it a “song” anymore. Alice is more like a moment that never wants to end. Unlimited falling. Skydiving from space. It’s like that one time you were with your significant other and said “I wished this moment would last forever” or some cheesy thing like that. I guess it’s like a movie? Without the moving picture… and only 5 minutes long…. eh I don’t even know anymore.

    Then again, it’s probably just an illusion created by someone with a weird imagination. Who has lucid dreams about kissing a girl you’ve never met before anyways? Not me, I have no idea who you’re talking about.

    A new blog of mine, go follow if you’d like.

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    this is so clever i love it

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    This is SO cool that I just had to share.

    you clever fuckers

    my teacher used this today

    23+8+9+19+11+5+25 = 100%


    I give 100% everyday…

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    「iDROID」型のiphoneケース(5・5s 対応)に東京ゲームショウver.が登場!限定販売! 東京ゲームショウバージョンとして、オフホワイトを基調としたイベント/オンライン限定商品です。 http://sen-ti-nel.co.jp/product-about/10_mgs/product-about10_002.html #千値練 #MGS

    Now, THIS is a phone case.

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    I need this 

    thegreenjellyfishie you’d like this yo


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    So I’m moving into a new apartment, and I was told that the room had been damaged, but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that someone had carved Li Shang’s head out of the bathroom door and written “We must defeat the Huns!” on it.


    I literally see nothing wrong with this

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    If a guy ever tells you that he’s too big for the condom…

    "This is huge! Who is too big for this!?" 

    Even though it makes sense that the stretchy nature of latex would mean one-size-fits-all, it is not the case. What I continue to explain in this video is how the band-width fits better in some brands and sizes for some and different penises than others. 

    Even then bodies in their wonderful uniqueness aren’t all compatible with on-condoms. In this case there are still options for safer sex—in-condoms (“female condoms”). Origami condoms are preparing a version that will impact the industry kind of like Elon Musk did for automobiles. 

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